• 16 Modern CNC Machine Tools

  • Multi-Axis Complex Machining

  • Advanced CAD/CAM System

  • Exotic Materials Capability

  • 60+ Years of Experience

  • ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

  • Full-Service Manufacturing

  • In-House Gear Manufacturing

  • In-House Grinding & EDM

  • In-House Processing

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The ASPI Story

Allied Specialty Precision began in 1954 as a screw machine shop in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Ten years later, the company expanded its manufacturing base to include general precision machining and assemblies. By 1967, Allied Specialty Precision had outgrown its original facilities and moved into its present location in Mishawaka. As the company expanded, our knack for finding solutions earned us a reputation as the "go-to guys" for the most challenging manufacturing jobs.
aspi building photo

The ASPI facility in Mishawaka

We've earned a reputation as the "go-to guys" for challenging manufacturing projects.

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machined part
machined part
machined part
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Today, Allied Specialty Precision is a modern precision manufacturing facility with 26,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a team of highly-skilled craftsmen and professionals, a solid management team, and a company-wide commitment to excellence built on nearly seventy years of quality and customer service. “Our broad range of manufacturing services at ASPI is a real plus for our customers,” explains Eric Kurzhal, president. “Using our advanced CAD/CAM and MRP systems, we manage your job through a wide range of processes including CNC machining; gear manufacturing; O.D., surface, and Blanchard grinding; wire EDM; EDM small hole drilling; honing; broaching; brazing; pressure, leak and load testing; passivation; deburring and assembly."  The result is on-time deliveries with consistent quality acceptance.

Our customers save time and money with Allied Specialty Precision because we control the manufacturing process.

Allied Specialty Precision offers you a wealth of talent and expertise, a cutting-edge manufacturing environment, and nearly seventy years of quality and customer service.  Contact us today.

ASPI in the News

shop solutions article

Machining Gears ‘Not-As-Gears’ Pays Off

“Look beyond the obvious and you may well find a better way to machine a part, and serve your customer better. That’s the lesson illustrated in a gear-machining application at Allied Specialty Precision, Inc.

To make a long story short, the company dramatically improved the material removal rate and yield while reducing fixture cost and delivery lead time on a family of gears by ‘not treating them as gears.’”

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south bend tribune article

Precision isn't Optional

”Everything made by Allied Specialty Precision Inc. flies. And yet, the Mishawaka company is grounded in its focus as an aerospace component manufacturer. Most planes in the United States contain parts made at the plant.

"We have parts that go in fuel control, brakes and the landing systems," said Pam Rubenstein, Allied Specialty's owner and chief executive officer. "Typically our parts are small. We measure to a millionth of an inch, because when it flies, it's either right or it's dangerous.".

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american machinist article

Technology and People Lead to Twice the Sales

"Investing in technology and maintaining a high-quality workforce has helped Allied Specialty Precision, Inc. (ASPI) to double its sales in the past three years. The company prides itself on its workforce and technology.

"ASPI specializes in producing precision hydraulic, fuel control and braking system components for the aerospace industry in materials such as aluminum, high-strength and highalloy steels, Inconel and titanium alloys. In addition to bar stock, they also machine castings and forgings. Pam Rubenstein, ASPI’s owner and chief executive officer, bought the 54-year-old company in 2005 and has realigned it to make it more cost driven and competitive…"

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aerospace and defense manufacturing

Lessons in Multitasking

"Who better to get things done right the right way than a teacher? Owner and CEO Pam Rubenstein admits it was 'quite an adjustment and very challenging' to give up her career as a teacher to go into the precision-machining business at Allied Specialty Precision Inc. (ASPI—Mishawka, IN). Rubenstein arrived at ASPI in 1989 after a successful career teaching at the high school and college levels, and began to work her way through various positions in the office and factory. In 2005, she purchased the company.

"At first look, Allied Specialty Precision Inc. appears to be simply another good-quality provider of components and subassemblies for aerospace applications, but it’s much more…"

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What's New at ASPI

south bend tribune article

ASPI Featured in the South Bend Tribune

April 2013

Pam Rubenstein and Allied Specialty Precision are featured on the front page of the South Bend Tribune business section (April 29, 2013) in an article titled “Precision isn't optional.” The article details the critical nature of the aerospace flight components and assemblies produced at ASPI, and describes Pam’s rise from receptionist to CEO/owner in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

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nwboc conferenece

Pam Rubenstein to Speak at NWBOC Conference

March 2013

The CEO and owner of Allied Specialty Precision, Pam Rubenstein, is scheduled to speak at the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) "Decades of Excellence" National Conference in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The NWBOC National Conference is a gathering of women business owners and entrepreneurs from across America who will meet to engage, celebrate and do business with other women.

At the conference, industry-specific workshops will explore challenges in the marketplace, using certification to full advantage, winning contracts and more. Pam will share her best practices and successes in an industry hard hit by the economy, and discuss how Allied Specialty Precision has not only survived but thrived in these challenging times. The conference runs from May 8th thru May 10th, 2013.


Building a Modern Manufacturing Environment

December 2008

For more than five decades our principles of continuous innovation and unbeatable customer service have propelled our success. We use the latest CNC machine tools to stay ahead of the curve in precision machining technology, constantly updating our equipment in order to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, and offer our customers competitive pricing, reliable deliveries and uncompromising quality.

We recently replaced several older CNC machine tools with two new machining centers and two new turning centers. These multi-axis, high-speed Mazak machine tools are state-of-the-art – featuring automated loading and laser tool management systems – and designed for close-tolerance, cost-effective production. Allied Specialty Precision will remain at the forefront in quality, value and customer satisfaction through our investment in modern machining technology. You can count on it.

cnc machine tools

New Mazaks Increase CNC Turning Capacity

December 2008

Allied Specialty Precision has recently added two new state-of-the-art Mazak turning centers, replacing three older CNC machine tools. Our new Integrex 100-IV ST turning center features 6,000-rpm main spindle, a 12,000-rpm rotary tool spindle, a second spindle, dual turrets, and an automatic tool changer and bar feeder. Our new Quickturn 200-II MSY turning center has robotic loading with an 8” chuck and a 26.5” maximum swing capacity, and features dual spindles and a rotary tool spindle.

These machines are designed to eliminate multiple setups, reduce parts handling and minimize down time, resulting in increased value for our customers. This “done-in-one” manufacturing technology also drastically reduces set-up time, allowing for smaller lot sizes to satisfy your JIT delivery requirements. You can count on ASPI and our ongoing commitment to the latest in precision machining technology.

american machinist cover

ASPI Receives Top Ten Award

December 2008

Allied Specialty Precision is featured in the November 2008 issue of American Machinist as one of the top ten precision machine shops in the USA for 2008. To quality for this prestigious award, candidates are selected based on hard data and receive on-site visits by American Machinist editors. “They are self-defined as shops that have developed detailed plans that lead to success; that passionately follow those plans; and that confirm their progress by measuring where they were, where they are, and where they intend to be,” says Bruce Vernyi, editor-in-chief.

Allied Specialty Precision is proud to be recognized for our continuing dedication to precision machining excellence, and for our innovative, efficient approach to the manufacturing process.

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coordinate measuring machine

New Zeiss CMM Simplifies Quality Assurance

December 2008

An ultra-modern manufacturing environment requires the latest in automated quality assurance technology to keep up with the enormous advances in precision machining techniques. In order to handle close-tolerance inspection requirements accurately and efficiently, Allied Specialty Precision has invested in a new Zeiss Prismo Navigator CMM with Calypso software.

This high-tech measuring system features a VAST® universal probe which automatically adjusts to each measuring task and quickly determines size, form and position in a single run using both contact and optical measurements. With a 900mm x 1200mm x 700mm xyz capacity and ±.0016mm linear measuring tolerance, our new Zeiss CMM can handle your most demanding quality requirements with the uncompromising accuracy and reliability that has defined ASPI for more than fifty years.

We are the "go-to guys" for challenging manufacturing  jobs.

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